Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

A Home Energy Rating is a measurement of a home's energy efficiency. A HERS rating is typically used for new homes and involves an analysis of the construction plans and onsite inspections. During onsite inspections a home energy rater will test the performance of a home by performing a blower door and duct leakage test. Results from these tests and inspections are combined with the plan review to generate a HERS Index for the home.

What is the HERS Index?

HERS Index The HERS Index system was developed by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) to measure the energy efficiency of a home. A HERS index of 100 represents a home built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code. The lower the HERS index the more energy efficient the home. Each point on the scale represents a 1% difference in energy efficiency compared to the HERS reference home. For instance, a home that scores 50 on the HERS index is 50% more energy efficient than the reference home that scores a 100.

How do we determine your HERS Index?

An assessment is performed by our RESNET-Certified HERS rater who examines your home's plans, conducts an on-site inspection and utilizes special software programs to produce an energy analysis of your home. During an on-site inspection our Rater will typically measure air leaks in your home and duct system and evaluate the insulation. Aspects of a home that are considered in the HERS Index include but are not limited to heating and cooling systems, water heating, lighting, windows, house size and layout, Energy Star appliances, sealed and conditioned crawl spaces, radiant barriers, insulation and on-site power generation.

Why is the HERS Index used?

The HERS Index is most commonly used to determine if a home meets the Energy Star requirements. A HERS Index can also be used to determine if a home qualifies for an energy efficient mortgage or to provide an understandable numerical value of a homes energy efficiency.

Does the age of my home make a difference?

We can perform a home energy rating and provide a HERS Index on existing homes or homes that are soon to be under construction. Our certified Home Energy Rater's work with building contractors to assure that new homes meet the qualifications for an Energy Star home and an energy efficient mortgage. Having a home that meets the Energy Star qualification will result in lower electric bills in addition to a more comfortable and durable home.


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