Infrared Thermography Evaluations

Does your home have drafts? Does the temperature vary from room to room, regardless of the thermostat setting? Are you interested in knowing if there are water leaks or condensation behind the walls you can not see?

Infrared Thermography Evaluation An infrared thermography evaluation may provide the answer to your questions. Our Energy Auditors use thermal imaging with computer software to analyze differences in temperatures of the surfaces of your home. An infrared imager is a valuable diagnostic tool that allows us to easily find air leaks located in hidden framing, around doors and windows and through ceilings and floors. It also detects missing or voids in insulation, condensation problems, water leaks from plumbing or rain and poorly insulated windows. Air leaks allow unconditioned air, hot and humid in the summer and cold in the winter, as well as air pollutants to enter your living spaces. These problems lead to poor indoor air quality and leave your air system working overtime, which results in your dollars going into the hands of the electric company instead of into your pocket where they belong.

We often combine an infrared scan with a blower test so we can more accurately detect air leaks and save you time and money on testing and repairs.

Knowing the sources of such comfort and durability problems will allow your Peak Energy expert to recommend cost effective repairs to those areas that will save you money.

Are you looking to buy a new home?

Advance home inspection with thermal imaging Make sure you contact us to perform an advanced home inspection with thermal imaging before you consider buying. Even new homes that are not Energy Star certified may have hidden problems and air leaks that will lead to uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills. If a new home is not Energy Star Qualified there is probably a good (bad for you) reason why. The insulation, structural framing and water pipes that can affect the overall performance of your home are all hidden behind the walls and can not be seen by a typical visual home inspection.

We can check for missing insulation, identify building defects and pinpoint potential problems that need to be addressed before you make an offer.


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